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Privacy Concerns and Selling Your Smartphone


The main concerns that people have with selling their electronic devices is the amount of personal information that has accumulated on them over time. They wonder if they are really able to delete and/or transfer everything in such a way where it cannot be recovered by identity thieves. Obviously, if someone wants to spend money on serious technology, they are going to be able to hack a variety of devices, but most of the time, you can protect yourself with some very basic, simple activities.


First of all, you need to delete all your personal information from the phone and disconnect any email, photo or social media accounts you may have. This will protect you from anyone breaking into your social media accounts and make sure your online information is safe. Extra data about this are accessible when you visit this link. By deregistering your device, it will prevent anyone from reactivating the account from that device in the future without your proper security credentials. Email accounts need to be removed and deleted to make sure there are no backup copies of any information. If necessary, go through the file portion of your phone and delete pieces of data individually.


Once you have done this, then you just need to reset the phone back to factory levels. This brings it all back to when you took it right out of the box, and the next person to use it will need to register and activate their own account. All of this may sound like it's going to take a lot of time, but it really doesn't. Taking chances with your personal information is not safe in the digital age because identity criminals will take advantage of every angle you give them. Make sure you take these preventive steps before you sell your samsung galaxy s5 to any company. They have their own factory reset measures in place, but doing it by yourself beforehand gives you another level of security and confidence.


These are also steps that anyone can do without a lot of technical experience. Find out some of those steps by checking the site at There are videos online to show you step by step how to do this also that you can watch for free. It's a small time investment so you can make a little extra cash and not worry about the digital safety of you or your loved ones, whose information might be stored on the device in some format. Click here to get started so you can get rid of your cell phone stash discreetly and profitably.